Professional contract management

Leave it to us to manage all of your contracts! We offer bespoke contract management solutions that provide you with a complete overview of your rights and obligations, as well as your grace periods and terms and conditions at all times. In addition, automated notifications and reminders help you to keep track of your grace periods. As a result, they not only help you to avoid contractual penalties, they also help you to maximise your profits on an ongoing basis. All of our service packages are tailor-made to customer requirements and can be extended at any time, if required.

Our contract management services:

Product development based on market research/experience

Comprehensive training

Registration of customers/members/(end) consumers

Certificate/voucher issuing service

Incorporation of accounting

Incorporation of assistance services (medical and/or technical)


Provision of IT solutions

24/7 provision of linguistic and emergency services

“AssistanceCard” with the customer’s own design

Virtual payment terminal for online payments (with the customer’s own design)

Emergency payment solutions for customers (POS ATM, prepaid emergency card with the customer’s own design)